Sunday, June 3, 2007


As an addendum to my previous post, I feel it is important to say that while I expect to be critical of other thinkers and writers, I do this out of the utmost respect for their work. Within the larger scheme of things, there is a role for doomsaying.... it's just that I want to see both a more positive, more enabling focus given more space than just doomsday predictions, and also I believe there is a need to be critical of doomsday pronouncements.

I imagine someone will have to develop a similar critique for arguments such as mine, the empowerment, enabling point of view, and I rely on someone to do this ;)

I am expecting to develop postings dealing with some of the "classics" in doomsaying, including Rachel Carson, Paul Erlich and some of the other early environmentalists, as well as more contemporary figures such as Thomas Homer-Dixon, Jane Jacobs, and others. I also expect to enjoy myself at this enterprise... in my professional life, I have spent most of my career building rather than critiquing. This is a new role for me, but one I find, somewhat to my surprise, that I enjoy.

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